Stop pretending like this is new.
Stop supporting dehumanizing stereotypes.
Stop pretending like African-American and Black are interchangeable. They are NOT.
Stop perpetuating the lie that only cishet black males are targets, your gender privilege is showing. Black women and other woc are subject to police brutality as well but those stories will never get adequate media coverage. You are apart of the problem, especially if you engage in misogynoir but play activist in the name of black “pride.” 🐸☕

He Was Raised By A White Mom And Didn't Think The Cops Were Out To Get Him. Until They Got Him.







I heard his story on NPR. His mom raised him to “not see color” etc. And the cops beat  the hell out of him when they pulled him over. It took seeing him in jail beaten half to death for her to see that race matters every day.

"I thought that love would conquer all and skin color really didn’t matter. I had to learn the really hard way when they almost killed you."

yo fuck these white moms who be putting their Black kids in danger because they wanna be on some post-hippe everything is love and sunshine bullshit. that’s fucking child endangerment.

They’re more about maintaining THEIR comfort levels than their kids’ lives.

It takes more than a loving heart and good intentions to be a white mom with a black child. 

White people adopt a pet with more thought than they do a Black child.

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