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6teen. Hip Hop is Poetry. Poetry is hip hip. Published poet. I breathe life through words. Theater was my first love. Rock, Hip Hop, and Indian food. AfroFeminist.
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This is literally a Tumblr classroom.



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I prefer my medicine in plants instead of pills.


Ben Dahlhaus photographed by Esra Sam

my future husband maybe babyyy

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Supernatural Lady (Naomi Campbell)

Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth, 1991

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Thought I told you not to trust these hoes…

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Tupac died at 25. If Malcolm X died at 25 he would have been a street hustler named Detroit Red. If Martin Luther King died at 25 he would’ve been known as a local baptist preacher. And if I had died at 25 I would’ve been known as a struggling musician. Only a sliver of my life’s potential.


waiting for a reply for ages then finding out it was your turn to reply all along


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